interior finishes


I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little darkroom (you can't do much when the building itself isn't there), and, how all things seems to go, the building arrived the day after I left to travel for 15 days.  

While I was hopping between states and countries, my family's handyman, Joe Leone, insulated the walls and installed the tongue and groove planks.  I briefly thought that I wouldn't need insulation (which is a funny thought in Montana, where snow is definitely a common thing in the winter).  This would be the first of many initial ideas that were wrong.

We used a basic fiberglass insulation in between the studs, and all of the tongue and groove, which we got at a considerable discount, was from RBM Lumber.

So, as this project is panning out, it's becoming not as DIY as I initially envisioned.  Traveling is certainly part of that, but I'm also not too familiar with the building side of DIY, although I like to think I am.