combining alternative processes and bookmaking


Brimstone, a typology of Yellowstone's sulphuric Mammoth Hot Springs, is made entirely of salt prints— cover to cover. The elemental nature of the process and the free borders of the prints allude to the geothermal hillside.

Salted paper prints on 150gsm Asuka, 2017.



a handmade drum leaf book


Toston on the Missouri started with one photograph. I was under the impression that no one in my family had lived in Montana until I came across Olive and Ryall Middleton. This was their home in Toston, just an hour north of Bozeman.

Toston lies on railroad tracks and the Missouri River. There's one speed limit sign, a post office, a bar, and a road called Lucifer Street. I went there with a photograph— I went to a place that existed through glass and rust.

Archival pigment prints on 75gsm Asuka, 2017.